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Q1. Is it competent and permissible in terms of the Shariah fiqh regime for a disbeliever (kaafir) to be appointed to the position of principal or head of an Islamic institution? Having regard to various verses of the Quran, including but not limited to those in Surah Maaidah,I was always of the view that the Shariah priscribed such an appointment.

Q2. Is it permissible in terms of Shariah for an Islamic institution to observe a period of silence at an assembly of its students as a mark of respect for a disbeliever who recently died?

Q3. Is it permissible in Shariah for an Islamic school to honour a disbeliever on the occasion of his birthday by singing of ‘happy birthday’ wishes and greetings at an assembly of the school population?

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Asked on August 23, 2013 4:43 pm
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1) It is not permissible to have a non-Believer (non-Muslim) as a head of any even so called Muslim/Islaamic Institute. This is manifest and requires no elaborate proofs.

2) This is a completely un-Islaamic erroneous baseless practices. In fact this comes under the Hadith "Whosoever imitates (the religious) practice of a nation is (classified) as one of them This is not a Muslim practice. This will lead to further sin and darkness. Does this mean for every so called important Kafirs death the Muslim students will have to become silent. This must be stopped immediately.

3) As Muslims the greatest personality for us is Hadhrat Muhammad (S.A.W). Followed by Ambiyaa (A.S.) (Prophets), then Khulafa Rasheedeen. We do not celebrate any of the above birthdays or sing 'happy birthday' on their birthdays. Sahabah (R.A.) did no do so, 124,00 of them. Shariat is complete and nowhere we have been commanded to do so. Such practices must be terminated.

Most Muslim Schools are not Islaamic in nature.They should change their names by removing the word 'Muslim' or 'Islaam'.?Currently most of these schools do not represent Islaam. The whole concept needs urgent reviewing.

May Allaah grant true guidance to all.

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Answered on August 23, 2013 4:43 pm