Is Talaaq valid if one does not utter it but thinks about it

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Respected Mufti Saheb. AsSalamalikum.Jazakallah Khair for your services.
During the early months of my marriage, I was not happy with my wife, the reason I was building my business and was not ready for marriage, and various thoughts of divorcing came to my mind but was aware of the Allah’s wrath on one who gave divorce. Even I was aware that pronouncing three divorces at once count as three divorces. After two months of marriage, Allah SWT brewed love in my heart for my wife and we started a fresh life.
As I stated, various thoughts of divorce came to my mind now I am getting a feeling that I did divorced my wife. Previously I wasn’t aware of the rule regarding that pronouncing divorce even in absence of the wife will be affected. Though I am 90% sure, I didn’t divorced but somehow I am getting a feeling that I did due to constant reading on things related to marital issues in various newspapers and magazines.
At that time even I was aware that divorce in Jest, fun, anger will be affected.
I am recalling every situation but I didn’t able to find any situation where I pronounce the word. Regarding directing the divorce word, I am more than 90% sure I didn’t direct those word to my wife but still am unsure.
Though I have a good memory but regarding those instances, my mind became blank. I am getting depressed every passing day and also not reporting to office due to those reasons.
I asked a pious person, who completed his Alim course from Darul uloom Deoband but not ifta and he told me that their will be no divorce if their is doubt but every time I am getting that I am comitting some sin. I was also told that Ummah of Mohammad (SAWS) was forgotten for genuine mistakes and forgiveness (but still I am feeling that I am committing some sin).
Due to increased divorce rate every newspaper is reporting the same and after reading all those situations I am becoming more worried. Even after eight months of my marriage, me and my wife aren’t blessed with a child and I am getting feeling that it is because of my mistakes.
I will be happy and thankful if you can respond my query as it can help me in relieving my stress.
Jazakallah Khair

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Asked on October 2, 2014 10:16 pm
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The Aalim's ruling is absolutely correct. Do not doubt. There is definitely no occurrence of divorce. Be positive. Allaah will bless you with children when He wants.

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Answered on October 2, 2014 10:16 pm