Is complications using pregnancy a test from Allah?

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Assalaamualaikum Mufti Saab
I trust that you are well
I was studying to become an aalima because i have passion for teaching and simply adore kids, sadly i had to leave as i had complications in my pregnancy and had to be hospitilised, my son is now a year and a half and i havent gone back to complete yet. i have, however started working for a company and i feel that one of the reasons i left (which i feel awful about) was the ‘money’ looking back at things now, i feel like i was tricked by shaytaan, as i left deeni work for materialistic gain
your opinion would be greatly appreciated:
1. was the complications in my pregnancy a test from Allah (SWT)
2. In the company that i work for i set up clients in the I.T. department so the company can pay the people that work for them via a program on the internet, some of these companies include liquor stores, rainbow chicken and other haraam companies, am i getting punished for setting companies like these up especially the liquor store, from my studies in school i learned that not only the consumer gets punished but the dealer. buyer, packer , transporter as well so will i get punished
3. i want to read istikaarah namaaz to ask Allah if i should go back to complete my studies, i know that Rizq comes from Allah , (i hate thinking like this) but we are planning on having another child when our son is 3+ and i am worried about the financial side of things?
4. there is this non muslim vegetarian girl at work who keeps offering me things like biscuits and food stuff that her mum made at home, should i eat anything that was made from a non muslim home even though she is vegetarian, i remember hearing that we shouldnt drink a glass of water from a non muslim’s house, and should refuse kindly without disrespect.
5. is there any dua that i can read in my home to increase the imaan , salaah, we have purchased a receiver, atleast now we can hear the azaan.
6. am i getting punished for putting my son in a day care before the age of two, he is looking for company and gets bored at home, it is beneficial for him educationally as they have a set learning program?
Jazaakallah ul Ghair Mufti for your time and patience may Allah (SWT) grant you his most choicest of blessings Ameen.

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Asked on August 5, 2010 12:00 am
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Everything is from Allaah.
We in the light of the Shariaat do not encourage females working outside their homes.
Make good with your husbands salary, the syllabus for teaching children is not difficult. Open your own small Maktab and teach.
It is permissible to eat from a non-muslim vegetarian provided the food is not offered to the gods.

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Answered on August 5, 2010 12:00 am