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Assalamu alaikum.
I apologise for the following lengthy email, but i need assistance.
I used to get my haidh as normal without any problems. Then last year ramadaan that changed. This is what happenned during ramadaan. Firstly, I was about a week late. When something did appear it was a slight brown dischrage. since i was noy used to this, i took it as my haidh and stopped reading salaah and fasting. This slight brown discharge continued for 3 days, after which the usual haidh flow continued. After 10 days, everything stopped and i resumed reading. That was the middle of August. More or less the same thing happenned in September (Middle of Sptember). In october, my haidh basically skipped the whole month, but at the end of the month it all became more confusing.
At the end of October I started getting a slight brown discharge. I assumed this was going to follow the pattern of the previous months, namely that after 3 days my proper flow would begin. For this reason I stopped reading salaah and took it as my haidh. But for one whole week this very slight discharge continued, and no blood flow appeared. This discharge was so slight that it would only really be apparent on a tissue or something. There were also no haidh symptoms or anything. Anyway, after the week i had my ghusul and resumed reading; but 5 days after my ghusul (around the middle of November) a proper flow began. This flow appeared at around the same time my flow in august and september occured and it was much more symptomatic of my usual haidh. Now i was extremely confused. I continued reading salaah, regarding it as istihaadha but I just felt so bad about it. In my mind it seemed so much more like my real haidh, and the previous week didnt seem like haidh at all. Becasue of my utter confusion I emailed the Al-Islam website. I asked this question:
“Assalamu alaikum can you please help with the following scenario: A woman is due for her period but is late. then she sees a slight brown discharge, takes it for her peiod, and stops reading salaah. This very little brown discharge (not enough to call it a flow) continues. She skips all her salaah for the next ten days at which point she knoiws she has to continue reading even though it hasnt stopped. The slight brown discharge doesnt stop for the next 5 days, and then on the 5th day she starts bleeding. at this point this seems like her real period, since she feels the period symptoms. But now, she already took the previous 10 days as her period and is now confused on what to do… in this case, what should she do? and if you say that she should just make wudhu and continue reading her salaah, then does that mean she can continue having marital relations (becasue what if it is her real period and this is then harmful to her) jazakallah for your assistance.’
This was the response:
“When she experiences ‘real’ discharge with symptoms that is the periods and the rest before and after 10 days to be regarded as ‘Istihaaza'”
So I stopped reading, waited to become clean (which lasted approximately as long as my usual haidh lasts); and after becoming clean i proceeded to make qadhaa of my missed salaah from those ten days that I had gotten that slight brown discharge. That was November.
In December, this is what happenned: On the 10th of December a slight brown discharge began. Due to the confusion of the previosu month I continued reading salaah and thought i’d wait for a proper haidh flow. This slight brown discharge continued onwards for the next 12 days(increasing a little after the 5th day). On the 21 December a real and proper flow appeared, and lasted for the duration of my usual haidh time.
For the whole month of January nothing appeared, and this brings us now to february.
Last wednesday (1 February) a very slight brown dicharge appeared. It was so little, and mixed with a whitish colour. It has been continuing till today (almost a week later) the discharge has gone from light brown to a darker brown and sometimes even red discharge. I feel no real haidh symptoms. I think that, due to what has been happenning the past couple of months, that the real blood flow will probably be occuring in the next week or so. I continued reading salaah, and am waiting for my ‘real haidh’. But now My quraan teacher is unsure whether we should be doing quraan. she said that I should explain the whole detailed story. thus i am once again enquring on this whole situation in order to get clarity.
Please advise on what to do. In my mind it really seems like this is just what my normal pattern has become, slight discharge for about 10 or so days before my haidh begins, but she is unsure whether my haidh is considered as istihaaza or not, and whether this slight discharge should be considered as haidh.Now i dont know what to do, and I dont know if I should continue reading salaah.
Please advise.
May Allah reward you in abundance.
A confused sister.

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Asked on November 16, 2012 11:56 am
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"When she experiences 'real' discharge with symptoms that is the periods and the rest before and after 10 days to be regarded as 'Istihaaza'"
Ignore brown slight discharges.
This rule is because you have an established pattern already.
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Answered on November 16, 2012 11:56 am