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As-salam Alikum
Dear Brother in Islam – could you please tell me if the following dream possibly has any link or meaning for an istahara i am seeking from the Almighty Allah.
I performed Istahara for 4 days (due to cause of nature i was unable to continue, but will do as soon as i can). During the first 3 days i didnt have any feelings or dreams. But on the morning (around fajr time of the fourth day i had the following dream, which i can make no sense of).
I am leaving my house (as a normally do) and the lock the door, whilst walking to the car i am thinking to myself how silly i use to be when i first moved into the house thinking that there was something in the house -and used to freak myself out (i was very scared of being on my own). As i get into my car which is parked on my drive facing the front of the house, i notice that the bedroom blind moves, (as if someone is looking out) i then think i was right all along about there being something in the house – but this is really scaring me, so i switch on the car and start reversing the car – as i am reversing i notice that the bedroom door opens and closes, so i feel as whatever it was is coming down the stairs possibly – as i am off the drive and ready to turn to get onto the road i notice that the blind in my downstairs room facing the drive moves again as if someone is looking out of the window. i turn the car and speed off as fast as i can – i then wake up.

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Asked on November 16, 2012 11:52 am
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If you were afraid as it seems, the Istikhaara is negative.

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Answered on November 16, 2012 11:52 am