Interpretation of dreams

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Asalaamualykum Mufti Saab
1) I had a dream that Dajjal was in my house. I told him that I knew he was the deciever and I tried to kill him but he would not die. I knew that nabi Isa had to kill him. What is the meaning of this dream Mufti Saab?
2) Is the smoking of ganja (dagga) permisable? People I know say that it is all natural and that it does not intoxicate the mind, you but relaxes and makes you more perceptive. Guys I know smoke before studing and writing exams and they get top results. Permissable?
3) What can be done to put love, sabr and tolerance between husband and wife?
4) Should one give sadaqa if one is still paying a house bond (interest)?
5) Can you go on Hajj if you are still paying off your house or car?
6) Some historians say that after Rasoolallah’s (SAW) demise, Sayidina Aisha (ra) did not pledge alleginece to Sayidina Ali (ra) when he became Khalif. True?

7) The old people use to say that you should not buy a black or a red car? Islamic?
8) Are you allowed to stand, to greet, out of respect when an older person enters the room?
9) What can you recite to protect you from the evil eye?
10) What is the reason for greeting after we make salaah? Sunna or bida?

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Asked on May 7, 2010 12:00 am
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1) This refers to your vile inner self
2) No
3) Communicate, accomodate and mediate.
4) Pay the debt out first.
5) Yes, provided you are able to pay the relative, respective instalments.
6) No
7) Not Islaamic
8) Yes
9) Ayatul Kursi.
10) If by greeting you mean hand shaking, then that is a Bidat if made compulsory on oneself.
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Answered on May 7, 2010 12:00 am