Interpretation of dreams

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aslamlaikum mowlana saheb
i have now corrected the english so pls interpret my dreams.
i had the following dreams which are very disturbing pls help me jazakallah may allah raward u abundantly 4 the work u duing ameen…
1.i was outside collecting stuff from people and then i was in my uncles lounge,i was sittin on the floor and next 2 me was my cousin and infront of me was my dad my other cousin and my brothers..all i really remember was my father gave this like material/cloth to my younger and older brother and my cousin (like a kaffan) and he told my younger brother that when he dies(meaning my father)then my younger brother must look after everything and i was just leaning on my other cousins shoulder and wanted to cry so i got up coz i thought everyone would laugh if i cried…it seemed like my father knew that him and my brother and cousin were gonna die or something and i kept on picturing an accident on a road…just after i got up my cousin also got up and went away.. sister told me that my nikah was being made 2 this guy (close relative) it was some what arranged and i dint wanna believe her because i dint really want to get married to him and she was telling me that my nikah was over so i thought that my father wouldnt get me married to sumone who is not good and then another thought came to mind that im sure my mom wasnt happy about it all…and then i decided that since its done why dont i msg him to say salaams husband or sumtin,and then i got cold feet and said maybe its not true coz nobody said anything to me about being married and that so i left it……..
3.of my taylors dog biting me just above my ankle,it was very painful,but after some time the pain went away and i was fine

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Asked on May 24, 2010 12:00 am
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1) Immprovement in your mutial/worldly gains.
2) Going to move into new premises soon.
3) Loosing of modesty for a short while.

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Answered on May 24, 2010 12:00 am