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Assalaamualikum Mufti

Can Mufti please interpret the following dream for me.
I dreamt that I was driving my mother to a new hospital to receive treatment (she has cancer) and when i turned into the road of the hospital, I noticed huge waves on the left of me. They seemed to get bigger and more frightening as I droveIn the dream I kept on thinking this was strange as we are Johannesburg. I continued driving and noticed some cars behind me. (At this my mother was no longer part of the dream). As I continued along the road looking at the waves, the road suddenly ended and I landed in the water, where the waves were fierce and rough. In the dream it seemed like I was panicing and finding it difficult to breathe. It felt like short fast breaths. I then tried turning the car around and get out of the water and was struggling to do so, while I kept on looking at the car that followed me earlier to provide some help. They did not and I felt disappointed that no help was provided. The dream ended there.

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Asked on June 21, 2010 12:00 am
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As per the notice on the website, Mufti Saheb is no longer offering interpretation of dreams

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