Interpretation of dreams

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As salaam wa alaikum wa rahmatullahi wabarakatu.
Can Mufti Saab kindly answer/interpret the following
1.) I dreamt Rasulallah (SAW) was in my house and asked me to tell his daughters, who where also in my house, that he was going to pass away.

2.) I have read on your site Surah Bakara should be read for 40 days to ward of evil from the house, can my husband and I share this task, or do one of us have to do this, can we read half the surah each.
3.) we are also trying to concieve and are having major difficulty. i have looked in your masnoon dua section but cant find a dua. can you please type the dua so i can read it.
4.) my husband and i fight alot also, but i also always think Shaitaan is interfering with us. is there any duas we can both read not to fight.
5.) my husbands family also go to urs and meelads and salaami etc. throughout my whole life these things where confusing and questionable, i have attended a few (Not to upset the family) i dont mind listening to the lectures but when it comes to salaami i feel very uncomfortable. Please advice me on these functions.
6.) Also every year they sew a grave cover for a saint. i dont partake in this at all which upsets the family and my husband and we argue about it. I always tell my husband this is bidat and his reply is that there good and bad bidat. how do i know which one it is?

7.) My husband says that i am Tabligh and he is sunni. Arent we all sunnis because we follow the sunnat? i always say that we are muslims first and only. i worry alot about this aspect when wehave children, Inshallah one day.
Jazakallah for taking your time to answer my questions.
May Allah grant you greatly.

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Asked on May 23, 2010 12:00 am
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2) Can share
3) Better ake every day 2 Rakaats Salaat Hajjat.
4) Read Lahawla wala Quwata..... alot.
5) Do not attend. See on site 'Salaami'
6) Ask him which Nabi or which Sahabi did this.
7) Tell him, all Muslims are Tablighs. All Sunnis are Muslims.
a) Tabligh is a active Sunni Muslim whilst

b) Sunni is a passive Muslim.

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Answered on May 23, 2010 12:00 am