Interpretation of dreams

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aslamlaikum mowlana saheb
i had the following dreams which are very disturbind pls help me jazakallah may allah raward u abundantly4da work u duing ameen…
1.i was outsyd collecting stuff from ppl and den i was in my uncles lounge,i was sittin on da floor n next 2 me was my cousin and infront of me was my dad my oda cousin n my brothers..all i really remember was my father gave this like material/cloth to my younger and older brother and my cousin (like a kaffan) and he told my younger brotha dat wen he dies(meaning my father)den my younger brotha mus look after everything n i was just leaning on my other cousins shoulder n wanted to cry so i got up coz i thot everi1 wud laf if i cried…it seemed lyk my fatha new dat him n my bro n cuzn wa gonna die or sumin n i kept on picturin an accident on a road…jus afta i got up my cuzn also got up n went away.. sista told me dat my nikah was bein mayd 2 dis guy it was sumwhat arranged n i dint wanna balive her coz i dint reli wan to get married to him n she was tellin me dat my nikah was ova so i thot that my fatha wudnt get me married to sum1 who is not good n den anoda thot came to mind that im sure my mom wasn happy about it all…n den i decided dat since its done y dont i msg him to say salaams husband o sumtin,n en i got cold feet n said mayb its not tru coz nobody said anytn to me about bein married n dat so i left it……..
3.of my taylors dog biting me jus abov my ankle,it was very painful,but after some time da payn went away n i was fyn

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Asked on May 4, 2010 12:00 am
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Answered on May 4, 2010 12:00 am