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as salaam mualaykum
I sent questions in pertaining to the Ratiebul haddaad (or Gadat as it is known is south Africa) about a year ago & why mufti has put it under “deviated”. well I just come back from nearly a year of study in the place where the famous dhikr originates from & where the Sufis or the famous Ba Alawi order were born. The author of the Ratib was also born & buried there.
I would like to say from my experience over there in the valley of hadramaut(which has the largest concentration of Ahlul bayt), that you need to do more research before just answering especially if you don’t know the topic at hand. the author is a celebrated Mujaddid of his time. his books live on & are still studied across the world( from south East Asia to India, Sri Lanka, Yemen, hijaz, East Africa & now Europe & America). 1/3 of the total Muslim population who owe their imaan to the Ba Alawi sadaat practice this dhikr. in fact it is by this Imaam haddaad that so many da’is went to Indonesia making Indonesia the largest Muslim population in the world all of whom also do this Ratiebul Gaddad.

By condemning this Ratieb & calling it deviant then what you say is that 1/3 of the total Muslim population of this present day is deviant & all the sayids of Hadramaut(who are Asha’ri/Shafi’ from ahlus sunnah) are deviant. & you are judging the generations & centuries of Ulama, Sayids & Muslims from these regions as deviant. & as we know the deviated are condemned to Hell fire with their bidh.
if you need more info on this Topic I would refer you to the websites of Habib Umar al Hafidh who just visited south Africa or his student Habib Ali Aljifri.

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Asked on April 22, 2010 12:00 am
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You are making some tall claims.
We are followers of the Ahlus Sunnat wal Jamaat using 4 sources - Quraan, Sunnat, Ijma and Qiyas for derivation.
See 'Path of Sunnat' for more details.

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Answered on April 22, 2010 12:00 am