Information About Ninowy?

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Can i have some info about Ninowy?

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Asked on August 20, 2015 12:13 pm
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About Mr. Ninowy

1) In the early 2000’s Ninowy stole the translation work of Anne Khadijah Darwish; i.e. Imaam Nanowi’s work: Thus a professional thief.
2) Claims to have worked on, ‘Kanz ul ummal’ with Ahmed Darwish
3) In Syria, Morocco, Middle East countries there exists a register having the names of ‘Sayeds’ who are then given a card – his name does not appear nor is he a card holder:
This is deception. Posing as a ‘Sayed’.
4) Did not attend a single class of Hafidh Abdullaah. Then how can he claim that he studied with Hafidh Abdullaah and has received permission in ‘Tariqah’. Another lie, to make himself a Sufi Sheikh-e-Tariqaat.
5) Inclined to 12 Imaam Shia concepts. (More on this to follow)
6) No Hafiz (scholar) ever graded or did ‘Rijal’ work on the 46,600 Hadith of ‘Kanzul Umal’ nor on its original the ‘Jami-ul-Katheer’ by Suyuti [911H]. Another lie. This time relating to Ahadith. Shameless.
Does ‘Kanzul Umal’ have ‘Riyal’ in the first place to comment on?
7) Makes no sense, he says he did 36,000 Ahadith in 2 years, now will do 10,000 in few months. What logic is this?
8) His Azhar graduation never was completed. He walks around with the ‘Dr.’ title comfortably. Another deception.
9) He claims that he was the student of Allamah Zahid Kawthari who passed away 16 years before his (Ninowy’s) birth. Why this lie? To link with reputable ones.
10) Started ‘Madinah Institute’ in Cape to teach in just one year:
Usool-e-Tafseer, Usool-e-Hadith, Usool-e-Ilm Kalam, Usool-e-Fiqh – this is grossly mis-leading and a definite formula to produce ‘Salafis’.
11) Then his non-married female students go with him for Umrah without a Mahraam.
Thus far one can realize that he is no:
a) Sayed
b) Sufi Sheikh
c) Dr.
d) Hadith Scholar

But in-fact a:
a) Thief
b) Liar
c) Deception
d) Con artist
e) Fraudster
f) Shia
g) Salafi
h) Fasiq
i) Fajir
j) Modernist
More to come.
12) When he first came to South Africa, Durban he was hosted by the Sufis of Riverside, now (2015), he has a fall out, on what grounds?
13) He clearly says it is not Wajib to keep a beard. (I heard this)
14) He clearly denies that the beard must be a fist length. (I heard this)
15) His own beard is not Shaari compliant. Thus making a Fasiq/Fajir.
16) He has absolutely no problem with photography.
17) He has also no problem with appearing on T.V., u-Tube.
18) He does not mind been interviewed by females on T.V. or anywhere.
19) He, side-by-side does not mind sharing the platform with females, Salafis, Shias, Bidah or anyone.
20) He rejects the Hadith relating to 72/73 sects. Thus utterly destroying the concept of the group on salvation i.e. the Ahlus Sunnat wal Jamaat. This is so dangerous. Shows his Hadith scholarship??
21) He promotes, attends and does not object to un-Islaamic activities in the Meelad-un-Nabi (S.A.W.)
22) He promotes, Urs.
23) He promotes, Ghayrain Sharief.
24) In his Durood only mentions Ahle Bait. Thus Shia inclination.
25) Listen to his clip on the birth of Hadhrat Ali (R.A.) in the Ka’abah (which is questionable) and the over exaggeration of the status of Hadhrat Ali (R.A.) i.e. Tauheed and Ali (R.A.), nothing else is in his equation for salvation. Shia inclination.
26) When asked whether Shias are Kafirs, he will start talking about the Zaidi Shias. Totally avoiding the question. One must know that he is a smooth talking, glib tongue, professional dodger and evading, smiling and cunning flaunting his American accent (to the simple minded people) as smoke screen.
He is master in padding and dribbling.
27) He lately says that there is no such science as: ‘Aqaaid’ – on Radio Al-Ansaar, which promotes any rubbish.
28) A man is judged by those around him. In U.S.A he is classified leader amongst the Berelvis.
29) In Cape Town he is with those who swear, speak-ill and even do not recognize Hadhrat Ameer Muawiya (R.A.) and his father Hadhrat Abu Sufyyan (R.A.) as Muslims.
30) The famous statement in Ilm Kalam about Istawa ala Arsh i.e. to question about it is Bidat, to believe in it is Imaan and its condition is unknown is classified by him as completely baseless and a fabrication.
31) He says: “If there is no Zikr of Ali after the Zikr of Allaah and his Prophet (S.A.W) in a Nasheed. Then there is no Nasheed.” (Open Shia punting) [World of Sufis]
32) He says: “Islaam teaches us to prioritize the growth of our humanity within us, before our beards grow, and prioritize what’s inside our head over what is above our heads and depth of our prayers more that the length of our pants” [World of Sufis]
33) He holds the Berevali View of “Hazeer Nazeer”.
34) He holds the Brevali View of “Nur” for Nabi (saw)
35) He holds the Shia view that the Ahle Bait is only limited to few.
36) He holds the view that it is not necessary to make Taqleed.
37) Ninowy has all the beliefs of the mufawwidah. This is a sect of the rawafid. The mufawwidah believe that Sayyiduna Ali ( rad ) is mukhtaar e kul, which means that he has total control over the universe. This explains all the statements of ninowy that were posted in pics here. Moreover, the mufawwidah use the term Maula e Kaa’inaat for Sayyiduna Ali ( rad ). This is the term that ninowy has used countless times.

What is he shooting down?
Thus you decide.
Is he worthy to be followed?

Can he be ones spiritual guide?

Can he present true, proper Divine, Islaam to anyone?

What he has to offer besides:-
Deception, Bidat, Salafism, Shiasm, Modernism and Fisk and Fujur.
Be extremely careful. Do not be fooled by those who speak with foreign accents without true Ilm and no practical Islaamic lifestyles.
Do not be misled by those who come from foreign lands, fair in complexion, smooth tongues but loaded with deviated ideologies.
Adhere to the Ahlus Sunnat wal Jamaat as elucidated by the founding pious Ulema-e-Deoband.
A.H.Elias (Mufti)
May Allaah be with him

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Answered on August 20, 2015 12:14 pm