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Assalamualikum Mufti Saheb.
Currently there are alot of things going on in my mind, Mainly the fear to lose my Imaan and islam. Everything i do or say comes back to my mind and I feel as if i lost my imaan and out of the folds of Islam. This is really disturbing me a lot. My question is when exactly does one fall out of the folds of islam? Also all funny thoughts are coming in my mind. A while back the thought of changing religions suddenly came into mind. I can not remember exactly what my mental reaction was but verbally i did not say anything. Also one i might have propagated wrong unintentionally without doing proper research. I have this constant fear all the time of llosing my imaan and falling out of the folds of islam. How can I increase my imaan?
Also can a muslim ask a non muslim to make duaa for him?

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Asked on November 16, 2012 12:04 pm
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Wrong thoughts do not remove one from the fold of Islaam. However, one must learn to control them. Belief in a false belief takes one out of the fold of Islaam.
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Answered on November 16, 2012 12:04 pm