Importance of nikaah and dogs living in the house

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As salaamu alaikum
Could you perhaps find an article or hadith that clearly spells out that it is not right to live together without having to have made nikkah .

I have a friend who is married in court to a hindu lady . They have been married for the passed 11 years . I dont think that he really understands why it is so important to make Nikkah and to live a proper Islamic Life. I also dont think that his wife also knows the importance of making nikkah and becoming a Muslim . I do understand that one should become Muslim not because of a partner but because of what Islam is all about.

The other issue is could you also source something regarding the living of dogs in ones house . His wife owns two dogs that they treat like babies , I have read in the Muslimah book that one should not allow the living of animals in ones home as the angels will not enter your home .

This is a very good friend and he is a good person , But needs something that he could really convince his wife. He mentioned that the reason why she does not want to convert is because she is an only child and if her parents should die that she cannot bury them if she were Muslim . Is this True ? She and her parents dont practice much of their religion.

Is what one does on earth not more important than how one gets buried

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Asked on November 11, 2008 12:00 am
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One cannot be in marriage with a Hindu lady. See 2/221;5/5 and60/10
also source a reliable commentary and read. Your are holding a too good a opinion of this evil person steeped in sin.
The Hadith is famous 'Angels (of mercy) do not enter the home wherein there is a dog or pictures'
It is a absolutely fallacious reason. If she is Muslim, and parents die then she does not have to bury them. These people are living a 'dogs' life.
Sad that the public does nothing.

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Answered on November 11, 2008 12:00 am