Imaam Commencing Salaah Late

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Is it permissible for an unpaid Imam to regularly go on to the Musalla one or two minutes late because he is performing the Sunnah of Zohar Salah?

Should the Imam defer the performance of 4 Sunnah if he knows or it is obvious he will overrun by a couple of minutes?

It may be the case that these one or two minutes do make a difference to the office worker who needs to get back to work at a certain time, though it may be argued that there are several other Masaajids in the area with different Jamat times.

The timetable states a particular time for Salah and there are numerous Darul Uloom students and teachers that could perform Imamat if the regular Imam is late.

Yes, the timetable may have the caveat that Jamat times may change according to circumstances, but this obviously does not mean one makes a deliberate habit out of it. If the Imam is mazoor, that is understandable. However, in such a situation, is it not possible for the Darul Uloom to appoint another student or teacher to do the Imamat?

Please elaborate.

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Asked on January 1, 1970 12:00 am
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1) To do so regularly is Makrooh.
2) Yes.
3) The Imaam should be more accommodative.
4) Coinciding time schedule of workers, any Ahle Ustaad or student should be allowed to lead the Salaat.

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Answered on May 11, 2015 4:51 pm