Imaan sinking with problem of unemployment

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Assalam o alaikum,
Respected Mufti Sahab, I hope your are well in health and Iman by the grace of Allah Subhan’o T’wala. Sir, I am really getting frustrated and getting low in iman and slowly loosing trust in Allah! Please help me recover before I get drowned in the world of darkness and hopelesness.
This is with reference to my question posed to you regarding job and rizq. The question no. are 10629 posted on 22/1/2014 and 10882 posted on 4/3/2014. You have answered both the questions and I am acting and doing according to your suggestion but nothing is working out. What the problem is, where is the problem I really cannot understand.

It is been 2 months now that I have been doing what you told me to do in the question no.10882. From the time I got the answer I am reading 1 ruku of Quran daily but not at home, in the mosque. Should I read it in the house to get the benefit. I am reading manzil daily and blowing on water and drinking it. I have been regular in salah with jamat except some times I miss jamat and the fajir namaz I read at home. I have been regular in reading the first 10 ayats of Surah Kahaf daily. I have been regular in reading Surah ikhlas 3 times after entering the house with the right foot and saying the dua of entering and then saying Assalam………. and the surah ikhlas thrice. I am still wearing the taweez on my right arm. All these I have been doing for the past 2 to three months but still nothing is working. I am still un-employed and looling of a job. Is it because though I am doing all the above things but just taking it casually and not fully concentrating on the act what I am doing or concentrating on the words what I am reciting. Do I have to be fully concentrating on the meaning or the words which I am reciting. My father and mother are also very worried that being the age of 30+ and still not working what will happen to my future, my marriage, and house and children and their education how is he going to fulfil the duties etc. of worldly affairs. They say that only saying namaz and doing deeni work will not do and by this I get more frustarted and hoplessness.
Or is it because I am complaining about by rozi to you all or asking other persons help me in finding a job which is making Allah angry and unhappy. But I have to tell you to find a solution as I am not very literate, you are and you will show me the right way according to Quran and Sunnah in which I will have the mercy and help of Allah!
I have also read Sahatul Hajat many times and made dua. I have read Salatut Taubah and made dua. I have cried before Allah. I have also got up in Tahajjud and cried and made dua but somewhere someting is lacking and still even these are not working. Though I keep vigil and be careful in only eating Halah food but still all this is happenning to me. Have I made someone angry? Have I broken someones heart un-knowningly or knowningly I do not know.
Sometimes I think to go the mazar of pious buzrook (PIOUS PERSON) and make dua near his grave by his wasila to Allah so that he might accept my dua due to his beloved buzrook or due to the barkat of the place where he is lying.
I have given by bio-data to so many places and personally told other people as well for a job but still no response is coming from the other end, not even a call for the interview, let alone getting me a job.
Am I so bad that inspite of all the above nothing is going right for me. What could be the reason. Please help me sort out my problem. I am slowly getting depressed and begenning to lose hope and trust on Allah.
Though I have stopped listening to music and stopped shaving my beard and done a true Taubah for the past 4 to five months but still no use. And it makes me think that other people around me are getting well in life and earning good money though they still watch movies, listen to music, does not have sharie beard, talk and go out with girlfriends etc still they are happy and living a good life. And here I am inspite of trying myself to keep to the ways to the sunnat of our Beloved Nabi (PUBH) and Ahkam of Allah I am still suffering. Though I am a sinful banda of Allah as I have not fully adopted to Ahkam of Allah and the ways of our Nabi. Like I still wear my pants hanging below the ankle. But still there are some major things that I am doing. Five times salaah, keeping the beard, wanting halal rozi etc.
Last but not the least I still feel at the corner of my heart that Allah is all merciful. But it been more that 8 months I am unemployed. Please forgive me for writing against Allah in some of the phrases. May Allah forgive me and the whole muslims of the world of our Beloved Nabi.

I request you to show me the correct path and guide me with your Ilm and wisdom which Allah has given you.

Jazzak Allah!

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Asked on June 11, 2014 5:54 pm
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After Fajr, kindly also read: 7 Durood, 7 Surah Fatiha, 7 Ayatul Kursi, and make Du'aa for employment. You will soon get a job. Do not become despondent. Read Surah Waqiaah before retiring to bed. InshaAllaah, Allaah will make all things easy.

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Answered on June 11, 2014 5:54 pm