Husband receiving ponographic material

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Assalamo alikum Mufti Saheb

I have been at my husbands office a few times and have constantly noticed that he is receiving pornographic material from various friends. I have constantly asked him to stop these from coming in and he gets angry and says that they just send him the good and the bad. This is shocking and the people that are sending it are also good people and respectable people. We have had discussions about these and have realized from other women that this has become a major problem. Unfortunately I have been trying to get hold of literature from your website to circulate it to all these people and him. Is it possible for you to please comment on this without revealing why you are doing it. In due course I will keep on checking on the website and circulate your response. These are people who are reciting 5 times a day salah and know what is right and wrong. Please comment. I also suggest that you have programs of these on radio and channel islam.

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Asked on January 9, 2009 12:00 am
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This is Satans method of spreading immorality, immodesty and evil.
Once a person's modesty falls, then all and any sin is expected.
Then lust previals over brains.
Then passion supercedes logic.
Then darkness covers light.
Then stupidity rules.
Then foolishness previals.
Then time, place, how, why, when, where dissapear.
Then man becomes an Animal.
No rules are adhered to, sin becomes small and nothing.
Best stop. No go situation and solution.

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Answered on January 9, 2009 12:00 am