Husband ill-treating wife

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Slmz mufti.i got married recently and i try my best to do everything that i can to please my husband.but nothing seems to be good enough for him.he swears me all the time and sometimes he belittles me in public and especially in front of his family.
i make dua constantly that he must become more patient and understanding.
recently,whenever we are intimate he tells me that i am useless and i cant do anything right.sometimes i dont even want to be intimate with him fearing that he’ll speak to me in that manner.
mufti please tell me what i must do.Someone told me to recite Salawaat 10 times and then recite “Ar-Rauf” 10 times. and i recite “Al-Wadud” 1000 times everyday.
and please tell me what the quraan says about a husband swearing his wife.

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Asked on September 20, 2008 12:00 am
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He unfortunately is behaving in a rude, crude and bad manner. However, make his regular in Salaat. Be happy when he comes home from work. Treat him extra good. Then you see the difference. Dress properly and attractively for him. When he starts getting abusive leave him alone.

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Answered on September 20, 2008 12:00 am