How does one take Shahadah?

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Assalamu Alaykum Mufti ,
I read on a previous question and answer that in order for a non muslim to convert they have to just read the Khalimah in Arabic and english and believe in it .. infront of a witness ..
My question is i have this friend , she lives very far from me and doesnt know anything about Islam or muslims .. i understand talking to her is wrong but once i started explaining Islam , the beliefs she accepted it and keeps saying she wants to convert .. my question is how since i cant be a witness for her – im too far away .. would it work over a phone call .. keeping in mind this girl has cancer that has spread so i dont think she can go around finding Muslims in her area and even if she can , i dont think she will know how to do it ..
Please advise how do i go about helping her .. and also if you say call her and let her read the Khalimah out to me or could she do it by sms ? but than what do i do ? do i continue explaining Islam to her .. or is this enough for her to be regarded as part of the Ummah .. would she have to learn other beliefs such as Prophets (Alayhi Salaam), Angels ,the last Day and life after death ? or does she just have to read the Khalimah believe in that and pray to ALLAH ? what abt Namaaz etc ? she really is not well right nowand im not sure how long she has left ?

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Asked on March 16, 2010 12:00 am
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Technically speaking a witness is not necessary.
She can say the Kalima to you.
Download and send to her thereafter a 'Conversion Certificate' so that upon death she can be buried as a Muslim.
Then let het learn about Islaam as much as possible and start doing the obligatory.
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Answered on March 16, 2010 12:00 am