Haram imams

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what is meant by haraam imaams ?
on what basis are the food found in makkah and medina are halaal ,whereas they come from brazil and denmark etc excluding the watani chickens ofcourse is halaal
so kindly explain yourself in detail of your ruling pertaining to meat which comes from brazil and is found in albaik and other restuarants excluding al taazij which a local brand .
is not the manner in which the chickens are being slaughtered falling in the category of haraam maitah ?
if you say that that meat is halaal than i would say see how you contradicting yourself by saying of their rulings of early bird and rainbow !
kindly explain in detail for the benefit of all of us that visit your site


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Asked on January 1, 1970 12:00 am
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Kindly do not confuse the two countries. In South Africa the Ulema have taken up the Rainbow Chicken issue. Please contact the Ulema of Saudia to take up your queries. Do not shoot your gun using my shoulder.

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Answered on January 1, 1970 12:00 am