Hanafee reading Asr with shafees

asalaam wa alikum.
Respected Mufti
. we live in an area were most of the residents follow Shafee Mazhab and we live in the street of the Masjid . All the years I have encouraged my sons to perform Salaah in the Masjid for Asr and I also use to delay only a little and perform Asr. Recently I was adviced not to send my sons for Asr to Masjid and also that they should perform Salaah later at home with jamaah. My youngest son is in the Masjid at Asr for Madrassah. Please explain what my sons and I need to do. Also when I travel with my family and there is space for women in the Masjid seperately should I read Salaah with Jamaah or on my own? We follow Hanafee Mazhab.
. sister in islam

1 thought on “Hanafee reading Asr with shafees”

  1. The male members of your family should adopt Salaat with Jamaat in the Shafi Masjid – even for Asr. When traveling, the women folk should read separate, individual Salaat in their section and the men should read with Jamaat in theirs.