Halaal meat

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Respected Mufti,


In regards to Halaal meat as per Islamic Shariah, please consider;

1. Animals are treated in an inhumane and cruel way.
2. Animals are shackled and hung upside down inflicting pain and traum
3. Animals are electrocuted
4. Animals may die from this BEFORE slaughter from the voltage or even drowning, and due to the absence of any equipment it is impossible to determine exactly how many die, but it is certain that it is uncertain exactly how many dead birds are mixed up, and in the sworn affidavits ( which i have seen personally) the many slaughterers all confirm they cannot accurately determine and distinguish between dead and alive birds

5. Tasmiyah is certainly not recited on every bird and 8 sworn affidavits from Muslim Slaughterers confirm the impossibility of this and confirm its NOT being done.

6. The scalder process whereby hundreds of birds at a time are dipped into hot water with all the impurities incl. intestines, blood, feathers etc are all intact and enclosed

7. The Shariah system of Thabah has been almost totally abandoned with the exception of only Tasmiyah, and that too with no degree of certainty, without valid reason and the Shari system has been replaced by a commercial Kuffaar system as the norm.

In the situation as described as above in points 1 to 7, please give us your Shari Fatwa on the permissibility of eating the meat, and if it remains Halaal, Haraam or Makrooh for consumption.

We are not trying to fuel controversy; we are merely stating the FACTS and seek your support in the Shari rulings and interpretations of these circumstances currently prevalent in meat factories.
Please therefore base your ruling on the circumstance as described, not confined to a particular plant or certifying authority.
If the above described 7 conditions exist in a meat plant, will the products be ;

1. Halaal & Tayyib

2. Halaal , haraam or makrooh

3. Permissible or not permissible

4. Fit for Islamic support and Muslim consumption

5. advisable for a Muslim to buy/eat

Please feel free to comment further after specifically answering the questions point by point.


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Asked on November 24, 2008 12:00 am
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If you have total confidence in the sworn affidavits you must definetly abstain.

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Answered on November 24, 2008 12:00 am