Hajj and SAHUC

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1 . Mufti Saab,whaat is you taking on the ITV challenge to SAHUC regarding the “cartel & monopoly within SAHUC”…
The open letter to SAHUC chalenging them that ITV regarding the affordabale Haj package ITV offerd SAHUC for R5000 wich had a ZERO MARKUP… wich SAHUC rejecte
“””Haj package as follows ……..
a) 9 Nights in Madina at a 5 star hotel in Madina within 5 minutes walk from the Haram.
b) 5 Nights in Makkah at 5 star apartments in Makkah at Makkah Towers also called ?Hilton
Apartments( Next to Hilton Hotel ) within 1 minute walk from the Haram
c) Move to Azizia from the 1st Zil Hajj till you return.
d) Five days of accommodation provided in air conditioned tents with good meals and
catering equivalent to any of the best 5 star packages offered in the industry.
e) All Transport from Azizia to Makkah included.
f) Costs include Ziyarah in Makkah and Madina
g) All coordination provided.
h) Lectures in Makkah and Madina and Guides for the whole group.
i) No airfare included but it was the intention to make a block booking for airfares and to
pass on all cost savings to the group.
j) If one replaces a) and b) above with 3 Star Hotels and goes for a more basic building in
Azizia as is being commonly offered by other travel agents for the R 15 000 to R 20 000
packages then the above package can be further reduced to about R 4000.
k) ITV willing to offer a R 3000 package for Hajj ( at a subsidised rate ) for 100 people
provided it or a company established by it can be accredited as a Haj
Operator as these
are the rules of SAHUC. This is where the monopoly and cartel comes in. SAHUC will not
give this ?permission. Who gave them the right to dictate
who can be a Hajj operator
and who cannot be a Hajj Operator. This is the definition of a cartel. “””
Please note the above was found in the open letter from ITV to SAHUC…
I have sent the complete email to you incase u dont have it, What are your thoughts about this ?
Can HAJ be done so cheap If HAJ can be done so cheap than y not !!!

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Asked on June 17, 2010 12:00 am
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Hajj can be made for cheap definitely.
But the structure promoted by Sahuc does not allow it.
Organisations such as Sahuc/Sanha etc should have been long ago in Shaari courts for their nefarious activities. Some for oppressing the Rights of Hujjaj, others for feeding Muslims with 'Haraam'.

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Answered on June 17, 2010 12:00 am