Granny never got to change will before passing away

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Assalaamualaiykum Mufti-Saab,
After returning from her one and only Hajj trip, 6 months later, my Granny contacted me asking me to assist her in redoing her will to meet Islamic requirements. She had a will that she was coerced into signing by my uncle denying both his sisters (my mother and aunty) any inheritence. At the time of doing this will, she had thought it the correct thing to do, but it bothered her and she had been undergoing great pain and sorrow daily and her relationship had began to deteriorate with her daughters as she was being controlled very closely by her son(my uncle).

The conversation she had with me was overheard by my wife and two young kids asking for assistance to change the will. We set down a date for two weeks later when she was due to spend a few days with me as my wife was about to give birth. As Allah wills, my Granny fell ill and was taken away by my uncle to his home and was hospitalised in a hospital far from her two daughters. She then passed away without the new will being drawn up.

I alerted my uncle, my mother and my aunty about the conversation my granny and i had around the will. My uncles wife branded me a liar and he ended up taking everything. The house and any money she had left behind as well as all her personal belongings.

What is the condition of my Granny as her intention was to split her will according to Shariah principles.
What is my position as i never got to take her to sort the will out and i was branded a liar when speaking up on what my late Granny wanted.

Jazakallah for your efforts. Wslm.

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Asked on October 30, 2009 12:00 am
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As long as your granny was in the clear meaning intended for an Islaamic will do not worry about her and also upon doing good get ready for back lash

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Answered on October 30, 2009 12:00 am