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dear mufti

my question is as follows:

i have no problem with jamaat movement, in actual fact i have great respect for what they do. but these question have been irritating me for long time like i said i not hitting at anybody its just to settle my curiousity

what problem i do have is the following:

1) senior aalim from towns go on jamaat during holidays and there no senior supervision from aalim for town during that period, they literally leaving town
deeny vulnerable : was this a practice of Prophet (saw)

2) part that i find amazing is that it not recommended by lots of aalims to take deen
from people who are not learned yet everytime jamaat come they let some
whos come with in jamaat give lecture: isnt this taking deen from non learned
3) what i try to figure out is everytime they start these lecture they say we should thank Allah for give us the oppurtunity to read salaat with jamaat..
i keep finding a problem with this statement as SALAAT is fard, how can you say thanks for something you have to do… i can accept the fact thanks Allah for makin
g us muslim but not statement above.. its like almost telling your children thank you
for eating when they were extremely hungry

4) the jamaat work thats done is concentrated solely on muslim, reason is we have to keep reminding ourselves… i can agree with this but isn’t a waste of time to keep telling someone who realised that salaat is important that he should keep
reading salaat, and how much of a sunnat is it that keep reminding a muslim about deen, when non muslim like in same community but they are never told
about deen, aren’t those that have taken up the responsibility of jamaat going to be held responsible for not telling these people because they have taken it upon themselves to do the job

5) they keep claiming that womens place is at home, even when they go for umrah
and haj women must read in their rooms , so how do they justify mustorah jamaats
6) when questions about deen are asked to aalim , and they justify their answer by
saying “because i told you”, how should you respond, they also claim that well
people dont like them because they speak the truth

7) also i read somewhere, that if you get up in morning to go work to provide for
your family , you in the path of ALLAH , is this path of Allah any different to path
of Allah the jamaat speak about when they say you have to go out

8) also every community has its problems wouldn’t it be better that aalims sort out problems in there own musjid instead of going to another muslim, also a justification i got was that you have to go out of your enviroment, but i read islamic history, Nabi (saw) never did this so what justification do they have

9) what is the purpose of jamaat, they keep claiming its so that you change, we
have people going for 4 months and nothing different with them, no new things
or ideas of stuff come out, in every musjid, deen is based on SALAAT, 1 minute madressa lesson after magrib, and tafseer or kitab reading about esha.
during Nabi (SAW) time, everything was done from musjid , why is there no emphasis on speading lots of time in your own musjid, ideas have come to mind, exams time make musjid as a study hall, have lots of qiyaamul laa’l, have
braais at musjids, have community problems and issues addressed in musjid

10) also when you become a doctor, you sign yourself that you help any person in any way possible regardless, now if this is a man made law,
when you become an aalim , isnt that you choosen to make a pack with ALLAH nobody forced you to do it, that deen comes first regardless of money and status, because like all aalims say ALLAH provides, so whats the duties that aalim has placed on himself for accepting the responsibility?
11) question on tv… it you let you children watch tv but you ensure if stuff like
salaat from haraam, quraan recitations, stories about the prophets, and
educational stuff
because lets face very very few people read, and like they say picture tells 1000 words

okay that so far all curiousity i have its would be nice to have answers to these
, like i said its just question that have been on my mind


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Asked on December 10, 2009 12:00 am
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1.) They should make proper back up arrangements before going out .
2.) Hadith is clear that passing of information is not only the responsibility of the Ulema and conveying of a single Aayat is emphasised and perhaps the hearer will benefit more than the speaker.
3.) Statements of gratitude are laudable Look hoe many are in the locality and how many come to the Masjid.
4.) The Quraan is clear that "remiding is beneficial for the Muslims those their objectsand goals are first directed to the Muslims whilst non - Muslims benefit indirectly. If you want to propogate to the non- Muslims, no one is stopping you.
5.) I have reservations on Masturaat Jamaat, leaving the locality, but they may work within the Shari Musaafir perimeters.
6.) Ask those who know.
7.) You will be rewarded for providing for your family as well but more when you do the work of Daawat and Tabligh.
8.) Did he not go to Taif?
9.) The person should go more out, first time in hospital did not cure, do you dump the patient of re-admit. You cannot invite a person to dance and make him read Salaat. First the original act has to be proven then margins can be added.
10.) Encourage the Alims to do so by financially relieving their obligations. Do you not see what other religions have done for thier leaders.
11.) Our view on limited, restricted, controlled, supervised permissibiity is not welcomed by most Ulema.
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Answered on December 10, 2009 12:00 am