Going back to drugs sometimes

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as salaam

need your assistance please.

i think of myself as a good muslim, try and perform my 5 times salaat with jamaat as much as possible, i use to have a drug problem but shukar i am trying to be consistant with my prayers to keep me away from this habit.
somehow maybe 1 day in the week i flip and go and do drugs . i feel ok for the moment that i do it but after that i feel so sad and upset
that i did,
please assist and tell me the best way to kick this habit.

also if my parents come down hard on me or tell me not to do something
just to spite them i go and do something to upset them

my parents are lovely pious people and i dont know why i do this to harm them
. Ws salaam

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Asked on January 6, 2009 12:00 am
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Be regular with Jamaat Salaat. Avoid all causes that lead directly or indirectly to drug taking. e.g. company, enviroment, excess money, late nights, freedom to usage of car etc.
Read Quraan daily. Try to go out in Jamaat, be in company of knowledgable, pious Aalim. Avoid seeing evil.

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