Girl forced to marry against her wish

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As-salaam, mu-alaikum, mufti saab, i have read of similar question before but i am still unsure of what to do. a girl wants to get married, the parents refuse and are forcing her against her will to marry someone else, the intention from what the girl has said is because of money. she has on numerous occasions tried to speak to her parents on this matter and stating that she is not interested in the person they think is good for her. she has told the boy face to face on numerous occasions that she is not interested in him, but he refuses to listen and is forcing the issue. since the boy is also a family friend this has created huge amounts of family problems.

Unfortunately for the girl, the father is not willing to stand up up what is right and is also forcing the girl against her wish.

she is now considering either eloping with the boy she wants, although this is not what she wants but she has no one to turn to and well money is being so important for her parents, they refusing to listen to her.

her siblings have told their parents that its wrong what they are doing, but their attitude is very simple…its our way or the highway….

the parents are now also using the typical Indian way of doing things and emotional blackmailing the girl to get what they want.

the girl is in her 30’s

from what i understand, from marriage, our prophet came to do away with such practices, its a basic condition of marriage that the girl gives her permission and she must not be forced into anything.

please advise.

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Asked on February 9, 2009 12:00 am
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Get Ulema to explain to the revelant parties the laws of Islaam with wisdom, insight and foresight.

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Answered on February 9, 2009 12:00 am