Girl being forced to get married against her will

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maff for you putting you in the situation like this…this is follow up to a question that has been ask and answered by yourself, but things have been happening behind the scenes…the question that was was asked was about a girl that been forced to get married against her will etc……

yoru answer was to get Ulema in to speak to the parents to inform them, that what they are doing is wrong…

the follow-up question…

this had been done,the parents refuse to listen to any reason, she cries every night because of what the parents are doing and the 2nd boy that refuses to take no for an answer is forcing and forcing the issue……the parent have now gone to the extent of telling the girl that if she does not comply, she will be disowned and also they will never forgive her…

and this brings me to the next question,while its all well for people to say respect your parents and abide….but in this situation where the parents are going contrary to the basic condition of marriage, where money has become and issue, where a boy refuses to take no for an answer and has convinced the family he is ‘god’ sent to their daughter…and everyone else is just standing by and letting this happen…..

what does the girl do in this situation….

if she elopes, everyone will speak….but no one will bring the boys ‘bad points out for that matter the the parents ‘bad’ way…if she complies shes getting into a situation where she most probably will get divorced or live a so called ‘life’ less marriage..where everyone will be happy besides her….

has the girl no rights Islamically… no one out there that willing to stand for the girl or has everyone become so weak and useless than when we see zulm taking place, we too scared to speak out and just tell the girl….live like that!

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Asked on February 18, 2009 12:00 am
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In an Islaamic country this matter could have gone to court. However on our side I understand your dilema but I cannot advice open transgression towards parents. Thus go to a careline, crises centre. Failing which make Sabr Duaa Istikhfaar.

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Answered on February 18, 2009 12:00 am