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Asalaam Mufti
I am married for 4years and been seperated for 2months then again we rekindled and stayed together for another few months then seperated for 7mths then again mended the relationship once again I’m in the same boat.My husband always complains that his mother needs 50%of his time.I work and pay the bond the car the groceries and he has very little responsibility.He kicked me out his mothers house many times till I purchased a flat when we bonded again after 7months he suggested we get another bigger place and being foolish in trying to make him feel like he is my equal I put the new place on both our names.Now he packed up his bags and left I met him 20days later and asked him what’s going to happen and he insisted that he wants to c his mother when ever he wants.I work night shift and day shift he is day shift.I work 12hour shifts and on Saturdays trying to pay all the bills.He insisted that on saturday when I work or even if I come of night shift he will not wait for me to get up he will take his mother anywhere he wants to without me. On Sundays my maid helps me around the house and all I do is work and pay bills.I tried everything possible to please him and make a good life for us.But he still swears me horrible things n leaves me alone. Allah knows why he is this way with me I make duaa but nothing has changed. He left now and I think it is enough for me.Please advise me what I have to do for a divorce islamically as I am married only islamically.Please tell me in regards to the house dose he still have a right to 50% of the house when I pay for it and he left me.Would he have a right to take things from the house because the last time he kicked me out his mothers house he didn’t let me have anything I slept on the floor for 6mths till I could afford a bed.I had no food I had nothing at all.
Please assist me I don’t know how to do all these type of things and I don’t want Allah to be upset with me if I fight for material things.
I Don’t have parents or aunts or uncles and I’m the youngest and my siblings rely on me so I can’t disclose this to them.I want to be strong and deal with it on my own. Allah is with me that’s enough.
Please guide me.I trust no one anymore and don’t take anyones advice as only I know my pain.
Shukar …Jazakallah

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Asked on November 16, 2012 12:08 pm
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Go to your local Jamiat to apply for dissolution of marriage. He has Right of the houise. Get him to rescind that.
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Answered on November 16, 2012 12:08 pm