Female islamic education

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In this day & age, where female Islamic education is necessary & males are not fulfilling their Islamic duty of educating their women, would you please:

1. Advise specifically on each of the scenarios below &

2. If any one or more of the scenarios below are Haraam, Makrooh, undesirable or not advised please advise what the alternative solution is &

3. If any of the scenarios below are permissible, in particular (B) & (C) are there any conditions attached, which if not followed would make it impermissible?

So the question is:

Is it permissible, undesirable, not advised, Makrooh or Haraam for women to attend the Masjid for:

(A) Islamic talks WITHOUT their Mahram?

(B) Islamic talks WITH their Mahrams

(C) Salah WITH their Mahrams &

(D) Salah WITHOUT their Mahrams.

If any of the aforementioned scenarios are Haraam or Makrooh, it would be very helpful if you could specify why, in the light of Shari’ah, this is the case?


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Asked on September 24, 2014 2:53 pm
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a) Not permissible.

b) Not necessary.

c) Not permissible.

d) Not permissible.

Women may utilize 'Bilal' Transmitters. Remember, it is not about quantity but about quality. Kindly read the following to further understand:


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Answered on September 24, 2014 2:53 pm