Fatwas given by a mufti who was wrong once

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I pray you are well. Sorry to take up your time, please need your advice on two questions based on the same scenario.

A Muslim has used a well educated and known mufti in the local area for many fatwas.
Recently the respected mufti wrote the following:

‘ A person loves Allah and his messenger ie is a true believer. One day
on purpose he says I am not a Muslim. This person is still a Muslim because in his heart of hearts he is a believer.’

According to the Muslim brother’s knowledge he feels that this Mufti has mad a mistake or might be incorrect.

1)Is the statement above a mistake or incorrect? If it is incorrect or maybe an error from the Mufti, can the Mufti be continued to be used fo r
fatwas in the future?

2) if the above statement from the Mufti is wrong, how about all the fatwas given previously from this Mufti,
do they need to be emailed to someone else and asked from another Mufti?

Please note no disrespect to any Mufti and everyone is a human and mistakes can be made.
Also your answer would not be presented to anyone and would be kept confidential. Please reply.
Jazakumullah khair

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Asked on September 5, 2014 2:56 pm
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1) This is an oversight on the part of the Mufti. Ask him for his logic for issuing such a ruling. In this day and age no-one can be stopped.

2) Yes, it is safer.

Do not lose confidence in the Ulema.

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Answered on September 5, 2014 2:56 pm