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Mufti Saheb my family has been purchasing haraam chicken fillets under the brand Day-break Superior, it is certified by the MJC. I told them that all commercially slaughtered chicken is haraam and I have told them what Moulana A S Desai of the Majlis says about these certifying bodies. They claim Moulana A S is too extreme. Mufti saheb is there any further way I may convince them on how haraam this carrion is? Jazakhallah

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Asked on April 16, 2014 10:55 pm
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The research by Moulana A S Desai is absolutely valid.�It is humanly impossible to Islaamically slaughter two chickens in one second. Chickens are put into boiling water before de-feathering as well. Here is a question answered by Moulana Yusuf Ludnawi (A.R):


For Hajj and Umrah we have to go to Saudi. While staying there, what is the ruling for consuming the meat there? The chicken that is there comes from other countries. The general public do not think and they consume it, whereas the religious class, especially the Tablighi brothers stay away totally from this meat. In the hotels, the imported chicken is used in curries and for roast. Apparently, it seems that this is because of laziness, and it tastes nice. The question is that can we consume this roast or this gravy? The Saudi government says that the chicken they ask for be slaughtered and is Halaal. On the other side, the religious class, especially the Tablighi brothers do not trust this at all. We want to find out from you what is the fatwa.


The chickens that come from other countries, firstly, we do not know whether they were slaughtered properly or not. Besides this, the principle of those that slaughter is that the moment the chicken is slaughtered, it is placed in boiling water so that the feathers can be cleaned. All the filth is still inside. Therefore, the chicken is impure and it will not be Halaal to eat. As far as I know, in Saudi, the chicken that is roasted in hotels, it is this type of impure chicken, therefore, it will not be Halaal to eat.

Aap ke masail aur un ka haal-Moulana Yusuf Ludhanvi (Ar)-Vol.9 Page 220-221.

If a chicken is placed in boiling water before the stomach is cut open, in order to remove the feathers before washing it, it will never ever be pure.

The reason for this is that the filth gets absorbed into the meat because of the boiling (water). Fath ul Qadeer vol.1 p.146, Chapter on Impurities

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Answered on April 16, 2014 10:55 pm