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Assalamualaykum Mufti

Mufti what i wanted to ask you is why do i have constant evil thoughts in my head? especially when i am in salaat when i focus real hard on what i am reading it is like shaytaan tests me by putting evil and dirty thoughts in my head. I find this strange as not too long ago i was sinfull almost every day, now for quite some time i have been really making a change, going for as many salaats as i can to the masjid, not missing a salaat, reading as many sunnats as i can, trying to memorise parts of the quraan, reading quraan, especially focusing on Yaseen. I really believe Allah is guiding myself as when i do make even the slightest of sins my heart really hurts and i make salaatul taubah and try my very best to abstain from that action. I heard when an evil thought is in your head you recite Suraa Naas and spit on your left shoulder 3 times, is this true and if so what else can i do?and what would be causing it. i am very afraid that Allah is going to punish me for thoughts i am not putting in my head and it bugs me every day as i want to live the the closest i can to the Nabi (S.A.W).
Another question is it good or bad to feel bad when you sin even the slightest of wrongs, eg. not making it to make salaat in the masjid as you stuck in traffic?
Please would you help me on the above questions Mufti.

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Asked on February 2, 2009 12:00 am
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This is a good sign. Be focused, you will win soon. Not proven to recite Surah Naas and spit.
One will not be punished for evil thoughts.
Make every effort to make Salaat with Jamaat.
Be positive. Satan is trying to mislead you.
Be firm. What you are doing is good.

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Answered on February 2, 2009 12:00 am