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salaams mufti
. i have exams coming up soon and i really need to pass them,as i am doing home schooling and people think that i will not pass because you can only pass if you go to a proper school…people said lots of bad things when i left school,and the only reason i left school is because ALLAH put it in my heart that what i am doing is not right..
mufti i was not forced to leave school it was entirely my decision..ALLAH made it so that we found out about a really good home-scholing course and we enrolled for it..
due to circumstances i could not do my course work as a lot has happened this year..i only have a few weeks left for my exams and i am really worried,i am trying my level best to finsh all my work,and i also do not want to let my father down as he also had to listen to everyones nonsense when i left school..is there any dua or ayat that you can give me to read so that i can pass inshallah,if there is then how many times do i have to read it and for how long….
mufti i request for special duas that i pass my exams with the best results…..
please do not put my question on the al-islam website on the q&a section jazkallah so much allah reward you abunantly ameen mufti please make lots and lots of dua…

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Asked on October 8, 2009 12:00 am
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Increase recitation of Durood together with regularity in Salaat. Be positive. Be confident. You will Insha-Allaah pass comfortably when you work hard. Forget about the nonsencical critism.
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Answered on October 8, 2009 12:00 am