Dreams on travelling

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assalaamualaikum wa rahmattullahi wa barakaatuh,

i would like to have some dreams interpreted, they appear in order of occurrence, the first two last year and the latter two this month.

1. there was 4 of us traveling in a car at night time we were going for out ghust, i was sitting in the back seat with moulana abbaas ali zubair ali next to me; i was reciting the asmaa-ul husnaa , i faltered but i think i carried on with the recitation as i cant recall being corrected or being stopped.

2. in this dream i was at the markaz (crown mines, masjidun-nur) when suddenly a shower occured. the raindrops were colorful,sparkling and beautiful. others became aware of this phenomena. i said “Subhaanallah!”

3.in this dream i was in a park accompanied by youth. there was a white, pitbull resembling dog chained in a corner and we were looking at it. i regarded myself safe ,as when the chain was fully extentended i was out of reach.however no sooner had the others departed then it was in front of me where it slipped through its chain and grew in stature whilst adopting some humane features. i wasnt scared ut was like i was expecting it /prepared for it. it said )something to the effect) that he had a problem with me ,it produced a piece of white paper on which were written the names of my maternal uncles in urdu with honorary titles prefixed.he then asked me as to what i had given them, i told him i am giving one a gold watch.

4. in this dream i was in a large,spacious,clean beautiful,elegant, bright house which had some nice gold fittings. ther was a table in front of me from which i was dishing out delicious looking steak and brighlty colored vegatables, there was a da’ee there who seemed to be the man of the house becuse he was encouraging me to eat.

May Allah give you kheir, ameen.Jazakallah

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Asked on April 22, 2009 12:00 am
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1) Use the asmaa when making Duaa, Moulana's love for the asmaa has projected via you.
2) Mercy of Allaah descending.
3) Make Duaa for them who are in good condition.
4) You will go out in the path of Allaah, possiblity USA
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Answered on April 22, 2009 12:00 am