Dreams on snakes

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Mufti i had a dream a night ago that i was walking around outside my house and suddenly there was a snake. It was coming towards me and i tried to avoid it and then it spat its poison at me. i moved out of the way but the venom followed me and it landed on my leg. My leg immediately started to burn and i could feel that horrible sensation even when i was asleep. Then i could see more snakes everwhere and i started to run into the house. After that i ran passed the kitchen and my mother was there and there was a snake next to her. i just told her to be careful because that snake already spat poison at me and i ran away into the room while my mum was answering me. I fell onto my bed and my leg was stinging with pain and then suddenly i felt a snake slither its way up my leg. I could actually feel its cold and slimy body and then i got up. I had a feeling that i should have tried to kill the snake in my sleep, but i just couldnt.

Please tell me what it means.


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Asked on June 16, 2009 12:00 am
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Give some charity.

Enemy who knows/close to your mother will try and succeed in harming to a small extent.

But you will eventually overcome.

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