Dream of Doing Interview at Workplace

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I saw in a dream where I’m working as a recruiter and I call this girl who works as a very sought after developer, some people from my company have been trying to call her but she never responded or is really busy so when I call her she comes in a Go kart type of car with a slick Laptop and her bag.
We discuss work salary which seems like it will be more than she is on in the other European country and then she asks me whether her working in the country will be legit meanwhile some people who have been trying to call her from the company come to speak to her all suited and booted (man and woman) both come sit and don’t say much except hello.
They are shocked that she came as i called her once and she turned up. Anyway I go to call recruitment or legal to find out if she can work legally confirm this with them as I walk towards the phone I am in a rush and inky manage to wear one of my heal shoe im walking funny to the phone and see already 2 girls from my school using the phone already so I stop, not sure if i turn back. I recognise one the girl from my school what does its mean please explains


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Asked on September 19, 2015 4:58 am
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Safer some loss in business.

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Answered on October 5, 2015 12:11 pm