Dreaming of war

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. respected mufti saheb please interpret the following dream for me as i found it rather strange.
. Wassalaam

i was in this resort like place and there was a little shop there so i decided to do a bit of shopping with all the other family members that were with me. while shopping my dad came and asked if the boys were packed and ready as we had to leave in few hours time. so i said no they had gone to one of the malls near the highway to buy some slippers etc. so he said ok just tell them to hurry.the next thing i knew it seemed a little different. we were in this place where war was going on and the gunshots and bombs could all be heard from where we were. gradually the noises became louder and it all started coming closer and closer to where we were. the next thing i knew the place we were in was also getting bombed, the place looked devastating and everyone was trying to stay safe and protect one another. while trying to move from place to place we had to be extremely careful as there were plenty people ready to attack us. in the process either my elder brother or sister past away, i’m not too sure. later things were just getting worse and worse. my brother needed one or two things from one of the rooms but we feared entering there due to the enemies being many. when suddenly we came across this man who seemed to be extremely wealthy yet simple and he offered to help. we went along with him and entered this huge hall that had sand on the floor, no tiling etc.the enemies seemed to have figured that we went with him and two of them began to chase me. however through the help of Allah they suddenly disappeared. the man then told me that there’s few food stuff in the room i can go quickly and take some as i only have a limited amount of time (think i had to board the plane). so i quickly went and decided to forget about myself and just make a bottle of milk for my little sister. while making the bottle for her i could not stop thanking Allah enough for this blessing of getting me to a safe place. i made her milk, thanked the man and headed towards the exit where i saw alot of people going out from. when i came out i could see few things burning and quite a few things that were broken due to the war. when i looked ahead i saw the plane waiting and headed towards it.

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Asked on November 1, 2013 4:36 pm
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Do not waste your talent and assets in vain activities.

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Answered on November 1, 2013 4:36 pm