Dreaming of stars

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Assalam o alaikum, Hope you are in the best of health and Emaan. May Allah protect you from all the harm and envy and give you abundant wealth and Aafiyah. I pray to Allah to forgive you, your parents, your family, me, my parents and all the ummat in this world and the life Hereafter.

1. Sir, this is about a dream I want to know. This has been thrice I had seen these kind of dreams. Please interpret it for me. I am mentioning 2 of them. I had seen once that I am looking skywards at night and see three stars which are bright and slowly they become dim and hazy.

2. Next dream I saw that I am walking on the road at night and look upwards in the sky at a distance one Bright star not big but a usual one and by looking at it I started uttering a name in my dream of Hafiz Ibn Hajr Askalani Rahmatullah T’wala Alaihe. What does this indicate?

Please interpret.
Jazzak Allah!
Assalam o alaikum.

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Asked on February 3, 2014 10:51 pm
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1) The leadership of your country is weakening.

2) This star is referring to the greatness of Hafiz Ibn Hajr Askalani (A.R). It's confirming his high status.


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Answered on February 3, 2014 10:51 pm