Dreaming of protecting family

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I saw a dream recently, there was a gathering, me and my mom went where a female had a jinn on her head (possessed)
and people were trying to hold her etc.
the next part is like I am in my home and that female comes walking to my home smiling as if she is all right, and my mom was going to make her enter the house
where I then felt it is a jinn acting good.
so I said wait.. before you enter..let me recite
,I remember reciting loudly ayah kursi
and in suprise that female’s jinn was exposed and it vanished away like a black wind.
what could it mean>
I have seen another similar dreams of sandstorms where I am protecting my entire family and reciting ayah kursi.


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Asked on June 2, 2013 3:25 pm
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Keep reading as indicated in your dreams for total protection.
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Answered on June 2, 2013 3:25 pm