Dreaming of Nabi SAW

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I was in haj 5 years ago…and when I stayed in Medina on the 2nd night of my stay I had a dream of The Prophet Mohamed SAW….

This is how the dream went….

The Prophet SAW floated out of his resting place(grave) and advanced towards me.
I was in my hotel room and asleep ….During my dream I felt extremely cold …just as though when a vopour exits the mouth when you are in a very cold place…My entire body was now very cold. He appeared in my dream in a white garment and his head was covered by a hood of the same fabric….I did not see his face but I knew it was the Prophet mohammed SAW.

He did not utter a word to me…….and then the dream ended with me getting up in shock and fear. I turn with fear I was sleeping on my stomach as I felt that he has still in the room as the dream was as real as life itself….

I wish to know the meaning of this dream and if it was a negetive or a positive dream for me…
I wondered if I had sinned or if Shaytaan was messing with my mind, or perhaps I had commited a sin in the haram or in the city without me knowing….

I know that a shaytaan can not take the form of the Prophet Mohammed SAW

Please respond if you can….

Muslim Brother

NB: I lost sleep for approx 2 nights after this dream as I feared it will happen again…I feared the reality of the dream (it was almost as if it happend physically) and not the fear of the Prophet Mohammed SAW

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Asked on February 2, 2009 12:00 am
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It is a good sign that the Ummat will atain benefit and spiritual elevation soon.

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Answered on February 2, 2009 12:00 am