Dreaming of leading the muslims to protect the ka’aba

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Question:Respected Mufti

i had a unique dream years ago however i always remember it and would really like to understand it. time and time again i’m reminded of it, could mufti please give me a detailed interpretation. Jazakallah khair

the dream was before fajr and i remembered the dream as soon as i woke up (at fajr time for salaah)

“i was in Makkah Mukarramah, in the haram, in front of the ka’bah. it was evening/night and suddenly a whole lot of non-muslims were coming and they were going to do something bad, attach either the ka’bah or us muslims. However there was only youth on both sides and i was in jihaad and the non-muslims were rushing forward to attack us and they were yelling and screaming. so i quickly reached down and picked up handfulls of stones/pebbles and began scream to the muslims: “Say ALLAHUAKBAR and throw, say Allahuakbar!!! i felt a rush of thrill inside me, i was in jihaad and i was fighting for Allah and i was overjoyed. i began to say “Say Allahuakbar” and everyone began to say “Allahuakbar” and in one voice we were throwing.my position was such that my back was facing baytullah and then with one hand i held and grabbed the cloth of the ka’bah and in my other fist i began to throw, i was leading the muslims on, to fight.

then there was a rush of confusion and suddenly i shouted “Say: O Allah we are protecting Your Ka’bah so Allah help us, please ya Allah” and i remember seeing this boy on our side also throwing stones. now i was seeing the battle from a birds-eye view, i could see the heads of the muslims and entire area. i said “They’re gone!” whilst the fight was going on the muslims (we) were standing infront of the ka’bah, gaurding it. then after the battle everything fuzzed out and i just saw black…

then (i’m not sure whether this is continuing or after a while) it was daytime and i was in my school 9 girl’s only madrassah) grounds. i saw this boy; the same one who helped me in the battle and i ran up to him from behind and tapped him lightly on the shoulder. i was so happy to see him because i wanted to thank him for helping me and the muslims win. he was strolling along, walking slowly, with his hands in his pockets. After tapping him he turned around and i said: “Thank you for helping me.” and i smiled, embarrassed. we looked at each other and i understood him, there was a connection or something and then he turned and walked away but i still wanted to thank him over and over again.

*I’m female
*I’ve never been for umrah

Mufti will endeavour to answer your question as soon as possible Insha-Allah.

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Asked on November 1, 2013 4:32 pm
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Shows that your Deen/Aqaaid is authentic.
You will defend it profusely, properly with full fervor and aided by others. You will be victorious in that endeavor.

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Answered on November 1, 2013 4:32 pm