Dreaming of granny trying to get her money from daughter

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my granny in law passed away in Feb 09 but before she passed away she had a court case against her daughter who purchased her house and she but did not pay the full amount of money that the house was sold for because she had promised her my granny in law that she will build her granny cottage. My granny in law was diagnosed with lung cancer and i started taking her for treatment and through all of this a bond between to two established .She asked me get her another lawyer who would sort the matter quickly because the lawyer she had was taking too long. She always told me that she wants her money that is owed by the daughter. We tried everything to sort the matter between family but nothing transpired .
after few weeks before her death i had spoken to her and she still insisted that the daughter owed the money . Her daughter insists that she does owe her mother the money. the night before my granny in law passed away her daughter came to her bedside asking for maaf but she was so high on morphine and she was not talking so according to her daughter her mother has given her maaf.
I keep dreaming of my granny in law and in my dreams she looks beautiful but she keeps asking when i am getting her money. i keep telling her in my dream that i cannot do nothing it is left to sons whom she has left as exceutors of her estate but she tells me that i am must tell them that she wants her money. the other dream i have is that she and her same daugher are arguing about the same thing and she carrys on asking her daughter for the money.

1. please tell me waht my dreams mean

2. did my granny in law give maaf to daughter
. Shukran
. Fatima Adams

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Asked on January 1, 1970 12:00 am
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In that state no 'maaf' has taken place.
Inform the executors of the dreams and details as per your knowledge.

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Answered on January 1, 1970 12:00 am