Dreaming of going to the dentist and sandals

Assalamu alaikum Mufti Sahab,

I saw in a dream that I went to a dentist to make right my two upper and lower teeth. After coming from the dentist I saw my teeth were not right it has come front which is not as before then again I went to the dentist, made it right and while going on the way I saw my sandal in blue at cobbler shop which I gave it to stitch. I told my sister to bring my sandal from the cobbler but don’t remember complete whether I or my sister brought just one sandal and left one sandal there only.after this I saw my paternal cousin as pregnant but in real she is not and she has 3 children’s. Please interpret this dream. thank you

1 thought on “Dreaming of going to the dentist and sandals”

  1. You will suffer loss but your sister will console you and your paternal cousin will have an increase in wealth.