Dreaming of friends mendhi party

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. mufti i had a very complicated and confusing dream, please interpret it. jzkla
. my friend is getting married soon. in the dream i was invited to her mendhi party. when i went there she was not there but there were other family members of mine and her brother. we were watching the dance and i happened to sit next to her brother as there was no other place. when i sat next to him he was looking at me like he liked me, whilst i was teasing my cousin with him. later i went to another room where i saw my aunt and uncle and i asked her where her daughter-in-law is, when she said that her d-i-l is gone to her mothers house as she was feeling uneasy because of the jadoo she is affected with and every time they have an occasion to with the wedding for my cousin, the daughter in law starts becoming un-easy, hence they sent her to her mom’s. a little while later i saw the daughter-in-law coming. when i went by her i noticed she was not feeling well, and in my mind and heart i was telling myself that i am not going to get married as i do not want to ruin somebody else’s life and family as i am also affected with jadoo. as i went away from there and was returning to the room where my friends mendhi was being held, all of a sudden i was in my madressah, i bumped into my friends brother (i had taken a liking towards him as he was quite fit and good looking), i expected him to say something to me, but he simply walked away smiling. when i entered the room, there was no one there. i noticed a paper on the floor. when i picked the paper up i realised it was a letter from my friends brother saying that if i do not wish to get married and want to go away from here then theres a paper attached with a ticket number on, and i can join him on the flight as he is also going away. i then saw the paper with the ticket number and as i picked it up it tore, so i quickly sellotaped it and kept it safe. i began gathering all my belongings so i could catch the flight when i heard a knock on the door and i saw my dad and my ustaad standing there. my dad told me that my ustaad is here to congratulate me as tomorrow is my nikaah. i was completely shocked, to the extent that i began crying, as i did not even know who the boy was. my ustaad left and my dad came and told me that i am not getting married he was just joking. after my dad left, i quickly gathered my stuff and headed outside. just as i got outside i saw my friends brother in his car and he seemed like he was ready to go, just as i was about to go to the car he drove off. (i do not know if he didn’t want to be seen going out with me or what ). a little while later i saw a bus coming in the madressah yard and i noticed it was my brother returning from jamaat with all the other saathi’s. after that i do not remember what happened.

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Asked on August 19, 2013 11:13 am
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Await, a good proposal is scheduled to come.

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Answered on August 19, 2013 11:13 am