Dreaming of father,brother and cuzins bodies minced;cuzin got engaged

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assalaam u alaikum respected mufti may allah reward you for serving the ummah ameen…mufti i have a few dreams i would like to have interpreted…

no1.it was a dream where these people came to my house to see my father with regards to a business deal,with him was my brother, my cousin and i…they decided that they wanted to take my father and them somewhere with regards to the business deal,i watched my father, brother and cousin going….i waited for them to return,later i saw those guys who had gone with my father and them walking in the yard drunk,holding beer bottles in their hands and singing,carrying sack like bags with my father, brother and cousins bodies minced inside…when i saw this i didnt know what to do…i later saw my grandfather talking to the guy who did this in a car and asking him as to why he did this…the rest i do not remember…

no2.we were sitting watching this movie being filmed in a forein country and my sister began to talk a whole load of nonsense to the people that were filming the movie with regards to a theft that took place at a school in the area and i was telling her to keep quiet…then i saw all my relatives waiting by the main robot,just about to proceed to this church like place..so all of us began to run towards the church where they were going,we thought that they were going there on a sad note or something…on arrival at the place i saw one of my uncles taking out some red roses and wondered why he brought them there…when he looked in the church he saw that a wedding was still taking place inside and said that the people had told him that the church would be free by the time he got there..when i looked inside the church i saw my mom and few other people not too sure who was walking in like when the bride enters the church/hall,and i also noticed the exact same red roses in the hall as the ones my uncle had brought…later the hall was cleared and i noticed that something really good was gonna be announced in front of the family,then i realised that it was with regards to my cousin that his engagement had been fixed..when we entered we were all told to be seated,as i sat the chair was at a slope and i was trying not to fall then my father came and started telling everyone where they were going to stay,in some lodges or something..then i saw my father talking to my cousin with regards to zakaat or something, after that we were like at home and we were then told that my cousin was getting married soon,and i asked my dad why he took so long to tell me that i was so happy…i then went to my cousin and asked him if they had given the answer already or thy had just proposed,he said that they had already received an answer and it was final…everyone even teased him to say that the previous few days he was happy but today he was extremely happy and was looking extremely smart….it was also quite dark in the church/hall that we had gone to and it was my cousin that had told everyone to go there so they could give everyone the good news at the same time….
mufti if any of the above dreams have any meaning then please interpret them for me..
jazalallah hu khairan
may allah reward you abundantly and grant you the highest stage in jannat ameen…

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Asked on October 18, 2009 12:00 am
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1) Advice, avoid dubious people.

2) Will get honour. dignity and status.

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Answered on October 18, 2009 12:00 am