Dreaming of father passing away and telling you to read quraan

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. I am really really worried I had this dream last night that my father khudanakhasta has died and
I go to my fathers house and then I go to his room which seemed to be washed by water but I hear snoring from the bed when I look closely I see my father sleeping there, he wakes up and I start crying…. I ask him ” are u here baba?” He says… yes he’s always here but we( kids) don’t visit him and then I see my sister coming down the stairs….. I ask her do you see baba aswell? she says yes!
I ask him can I hug him? My father says I am only here to tell you to recite surah or para 13( I don’t remember was it para or surah but I do remember it was the 13)
Mulana sahib I am really really worried please tell me what this could mean?
My mother died in April 6th nine years ago… Is it related to her?
Thankyou …. Please help I know surah ar rad is about qayamut….

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Asked on June 2, 2013 3:28 pm
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Your father is worried that his children have become neglectful of the Aakhiraat.
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Answered on June 2, 2013 3:28 pm