Dreaming of deceased grandfather and his brother

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. Respected Mufti,

i am a 20 year old student in university and i had a dream on the 27th night of ramadhaan. i would like you to please interpret the meaning for me as my deceased grandfather(papa) and his late brother (who’s face is very vague to me as he passed away when i was 1 year old but after describing him to my mother and grandmother they identified the person as him), and my papa’s late brother-in-law were present in this dream.
the dream started where i was in a room in front of a big black tv screen and in the room there were boxes all around. in front of the screen was a black hole and inside the boxes around me were video tapes with no labels. i was standing in the room with my papa (who passed in 2003) who then showed me that if i threw a tape into the hole in front of the screen it played a memory i had of him while he was alive. i continued to watch tape after tape and after a while when i looked around he was gone. i then neatly packed all the remaining boxes into one corner and walked out the room.

when i left the building that the room was in, i started walking home. as i was walking i noticed a number of sights of the town i live in. i carried on walking until i came to a big glass sliding door from which i heard the azaan(which i could hear constantly throughout my dream from this point until the end), thinking that it was time for salaah i walked inside and climbed up a staircase. when i looked around me the surroundings resembled the house of my papa’s brother. the room was full of people that were praying from kitaabs. as i entered the room the three men mentioned walked passed me without acknowledging me and so i followed them into another room where they stood and were talking. all three of them looked youthful as though they were in their 30’s and they were laughing and joking. thats when my papa noticed me and he greeted me with assalam-u-alaikum and he asked me how my studies were going. before i could answer him it was as though i vanished but i could still hear them and they proceeded to talk amongst themselves about how they wished to go back to the days when they were studying. i woke up immediately after that in a sweat.

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Asked on January 1, 1970 12:00 am
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Avoid vain, futile activities and adopt the company of the pious. Stop watching non beneficial things.

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Answered on January 1, 1970 12:00 am