Dreaming of dads office

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Assalamualikum.Huzur,I’m a boy in Bangladesh.I passed my A level equivalent exam, but couldn’t achieve A+ grades in two subjects which I expected to get.Then I applied for scrutinization in the education board hoping that there may be any mistake.Yesterday, on 6th August,2013 it was the night of the Shab-e-Qadr.I prayed to Allah so that my grades are improved.
When I went to sleep,I saw a dream.I used to go to my Dad’s office a lot. But his office has been shifted to a flat from the previous location because of my dad’s boss’s desire.The previous office was very nice compared to the one now.I dreamt that Dad’s office has been shifted back to the previous one,which is virtually impossible.
Huzur,can you please let me know the meaning of this dream?
Assalamualikum.May Allah bless you.

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Asked on August 12, 2013 11:02 pm
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To go back to desires results is not possible.

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Answered on August 12, 2013 11:02 pm