Dreaming of consulting the imaam;pool

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Salaam Mufti

I need 2 dreams interpreted please. Seems like i have been having alot of weird dreams in Ramadaan. I have sent all the others to you. I understand you will respond after Ramadaan.

1. Around the middle of ramadaan i dreamt that i consulted the Imaam of the mosque in my location on the dreams that i have been having and all that he said is too much wazifa. The location was in the mosque.Thats all there was to the dream that i can remember.

2.I dreamt that i went to my auntys house and she was showing myself and my brother around the house. It was huge. She took us to see their swimming pool. It was an indoor swimming pool that was on 3 levels. It was massive and smart. Inside the pool was a few very large marble tables. I can remember waves starting to develop in the pool. My brother and I jumped in to try and save the tables from smashing into the very large window that was situated on the lowest level of the pool. My mother was worried that we might get hurt so she was trying to stop us. We didnt get hurt and we succeeded. The water then moved away and the pools were empty.


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Asked on October 18, 2009 12:00 am
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1) Increase recitation of Durood. Get a Sheikh of your liking.

2) Do not be impressed by wealth of relatives. It will lead you to doing funny things.

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Answered on October 18, 2009 12:00 am